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The First Health Network

The First Health network provides access to a national network of directly contracted health care professionals. 

With the First Health network, you gain administrative ease and lose the burden of multiple networks, while promoting access to carefully credentialed health care providers.
We directly contract with hospitals and outpatient health care professionals for better control of network stability, credentialing and monitoring procedures, and negotiation of the best possible rates.
Top hospitals participate in the First Health network.
The network continues to grow while maintaining stability—96 percent of physicians and 99 percent of hospitals choose to remain with us year after year.
We have extensive experience in analyzing data. This allows us to establish a network that helps health insurance carriers manage and stretch their health care dollars.

Want to impact your bottom line even further? Combine our national network with our full portfolio of services, including clinical services, front-end services, claims pricing, non-network fee schedule and more. If you are interested in exploring our network, we invite you to review our demo electronic directory.