First Health® Rx
A 3-Tier Formulary to Maximize Effectiveness

Most clients who use First Health's pharmacy benefit management program, First Health® Rx, use a three-tier formulary, or preferred drug list. This important list consists of medications placed in tiers based on review of their safety, effectiveness, and various financial considerations. Please note that not all clients with access to The First Health® Network also use First Health® Rx.

This formulary is offered to you as a tool to help you maximize treatment effectiveness while taking into account both drug therapy needs and costs. It is not intended as a substitute for your professional judgment. Using the First Health® Rx formulary, you can select medications for your patients' health care needs while maximizing their prescription drug benefits.

Our Formulary Drug Search allows you to search for specific drugs or drug types within the formulary. When you search for a drug or drug type, the search will return the following information:

  • The brand name and chemical name for each specific drug. Note that if the drug is also available in a generic form, the chemical name will be listed and shown in Tier One. However, not all drugs have a generic equivalent available. If this is the case, Tier One will specify "Not Available."

  • Whether the drug is listed on Tier One (most preferred), Tier Two (preferred) or Tier Three (non-preferred).

  • Possible alternatives to the drug, available for your consideration by clicking the drug's name. Possible alternatives are listed as a convenience only, and may not be suitable for your patient's particular needs.

For more information, please refer to our First Health® Rx FAQs and our Participating Pharmacy Network list.


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