Welcome to the Employee Benefit Calculator and Budgeting Tool

This tool will allow you to compare your benefit plan options to determine which plan best fits your needs. You will input basic information about your family, your expected usage and the average costs of your services. Based on this information, the tool will present your total medical/pharmacy expense, without your benefits applied, based on national averages. The tool is also loaded with values for the plan design options available to you. You can enter your own benefit plan information to get an even more accurate estimate of your expenses for the benefit plan year. You can then compare the costs associated with each type of coverage to determine the benefit plan that will work best for you and your family. This is intended solely to provide you with an overview of expected costs in general plan designs. Complete details of benefits, terms, and exclusions are governed by your Group Contract. Read your contract carefully to determine which health care services are covered.The costs shown assume participating provider utilization and the highest benefit level. If you are using nonparticipating providers, your expenses will be higher or may not be covered under your health insurance.This calculator should be used for estimates only. Your actual health care costs will vary based on actual utilization and costs.